Sonodamp sound deadening and absorbing screen

L-screen Driebergen


The ambient noise in Driebergen has been reduced for a resident by placing a Sonodamp sound-deadening and absorbing screen. The L-screen of 3 x 3.1 x H 2.1 meters has successfully reduced noise...


Sonodamp silencer city den Bosch


Residents in the city of 's-Hertogenbosch experienced noise nuisance on their balconies because of the exhaust noise of an extraction system. In order to sufficiently lower the high noise level,...

Sonodamp scherm

Sleeping in silence in Terhills Hotel


The neoclassical baroque style of the imposing head mine building is a showpiece from the industrial past of Maasmechelen. Nowadays, the premises has a trendy, future-oriented approach: Terhills...


Acoustic casing for the hammer mill of Duracell


ATIS constrained the high noise output of a hammer mill installation of Duracell by installing sound-insulating and sound-absorbing hot-dip galvanised steel partitions. The 7-metre high partitions...


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