Acoustic screens

The systems and machinery in your company can cause a lot of noise nuisance. You would like to protect the health of your personnel and local residents. Moreover, regulations such as the Environmental Management Act and OH&S legislation also play a role. You can block the most intrusive noise by installing an ATIS acoustic screen.
These sound insulating walls are also a good alternative if a solution such as our Sonodamp sound enclosure is not possible or desirable.

Acoustic screen construction

The requirements that are set determine the acoustic screen construction. ATIS has developed the Sonodamp Industrial Panel especially for industrial environments. For other applications we have the Sonodamp Sandwich panel. The handy connection system enables quick and easy construction. 

Acoustic screen options

ATIS supplies acoustic screens in various materials: Sendzimir galvanized steel, aluminium or stainless steel. If required a finish in a RAL colour can be chosen. We stock the most frequently selected colours: RAL 9002 and RAL 7016.
All our screens can be delivered for interior and exterior use. It is also possible to equip them with a Sonodamp sound-insulating door, a Sonodamp sound-insulating window and integrated ventilation.
Our acoustic screens can also be used as partition wall or site protection. In some situations a mobile Sonodamp acoustic screen can be a solution.

ATIS acoustic screen services

We can supply separate Sonodamp panels for your acoustic screen. Another option is to offer you a total service or individual services. ATIS can provide the following services:

•    on site noise measurement
•    acoustic research, recommendations and report
•    customised acoustic screen
•    construction and wind load calculations
•    drawings
•    delivery with or without steel construction
•    assembly
•    noise measurement control

Office acoustic screen

Are you seeking acoustic screens for privacy and/or sound absorption in an office or call centre environment? Then take a look at our SonoSorber SC acoustic room divider.

What is an acoustic screen?

This is a sound insulating wall to screen off such things as cooling systems, heat and other pumps, ventilators, compressors, transformers or grounds.

How does an acoustic screen work?

Our acoustic screen panels absorb and insulate sound.

What types of acoustic screens are there?

As well as our Sonodamp Sandwich panels, ATIS offers Sonodamp Industrial Panels especially for industrial use.

What are the advantages of an acoustic screen?

An acoustic screen enables you to protect the health of your personnel and local residents, as well as reduce your noise nuisance. Moreover, reducing noise can result in higher employee productivity in an industrial environment.

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